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Iperoon restaurant - café

Iperoon restaurant – café is the ideal choice for all the guests of Manias Mansion as well as other visitors of the area, since it combines a magical view from high up and the perfect ambience with the authentic tastefulness of the Cretan cuisine.

Start your day with a rich breakfast with local cheese, yogurt, handmade kneaded bread and rusks, eggs from our hens, homemade marmalades and sweets, honey, nuts and fresh fruit.

Take a break during the day with a traditional Greek coffee and spoon sweets (sweet preserves) or frozen served raki with a bountiful “meze” (accompaniment) so as to fill you with strength and energy for the rest of your day.  

As for your lunch or dinner, taste our traditional recipes, made of the purest and most appetizing local ingredients, created out of love for the genuine, long-established Cretan cuisine and with our artistry for whatever we offer you.

For those of you with a more sophisticated gustatory approach, we create gourmet variations of authentic local dishes, combining tradition with know how and imagination. Our experienced chef Aliki and her team revisit each recipe with respect and change them creatively by recomposing its ingredients in innovative ways concerning their texture, taste or cooking method, using specialised, new tech equipment. The result of the above process is aesthetically flawless and every dish enchants you with its taste as well as its name and its presentation.   

Accompany every choice of yours from the rich menu of our restaurant – café Iperoon with local wines of several varieties or genuine raki and complete every culinary experience with our freshly homemade desserts.      

Iperoon restaurant – café is ideal not only for you to enjoy your meal or your coffee, but also to participate in board games (i.e. backgammon), while in the winter time chatting by the fireplace seems to be a favorite habit of our guests.

From April till October, Iperoon restaurant – café serves on a daily basis from 08.00 to 23.00, while from November till March it serves on Saturdays, Sundays, festive days and bank holidays, from 08.00 to 23.00. 

Gourmet menus are offered on Saturdays and Sundays, festive days and bank holidays, throughout the whole year, while a reservation is necessary via our reservations service for all our visitors. Reservations are necessary for the Manias Mansion’s guests as well.   

Last but not least, Iperoon restaurant – café can also host events for 200 people, upon demand and agreement.