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The Archontiko Manias Hotel, taking into account the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism for the implementation of new health protocols in tourist accommodation of the country in view of their reopening in the context of the new reality created by COVID-19 disease, proceeds to the preparation of a Protocol.

The Protocol includes the development of an Action Plan as well as a Suspicious Case Management Plan within the accommodation.

In order to enhance the safety and trust of both our customers and staff, our hotel complies with all mandatory measures of the Health Protocols of the country as well as the optional recommendations.


Action Plan - Suspicious Case Management Plan within the accommodation

If a hotel visitor or staff member develops symptoms compatible with COVID-19 infection, the following applies:

  • The doctor with whom the tourist accommodation cooperates is called to evaluate the incident. In case of inability to see a doctor in the tourist accommodation, the patient can go or be transported by vehicle (with the indicated use of PPE) if his clinical condition allows it to a local Health Unit, after first notifying this Unit by phone.
  • If the patient is in urgent need of hospitalization, presents with a serious clinical picture, is referred to the relevant health unit, as a suspected case of COVID-19. In case it is not possible to manage a COVID-19 incident from the health infrastructure of the area, there must be provision for transport of the patient (EKAB, water ambulance, air transport) to the nearest health unit that can manage it.
  • If the patient presents with a mild clinical picture, according to the clinical assessment a sample is taken from the patient for laboratory confirmation of COVID-19.
  • If the incident is confirmed as COVID-19, the hotel health manager contacts IMMEDIATELY with EODY at 210 5212054 or the special four-digit number 1135 (24 hours a day), to report the case and instructions for dealing with it. The doctor must report the confirmed case through the COVID-19 Register. In case of inability to use the platform of the Registry, the case can be reported to the Epidemiological Surveillance Department of EODY through the Compulsory Declaration system (see
  • The patient with a mild clinical picture remains in his room until the results of the laboratory test are announced.
  • During the above wait, staff should not enter the patient's room unless there is a compelling reason. If necessary, a staff member of the accommodation is advised to deal exclusively with the potential case.
  • The doctor and hotel staff who enter the room of the suspected or later confirmed case must use PPE. The doctor uses high protection PPE (high protection mask, goggles or mask, waterproof disposable gowns) if at his discretion, there is a possibility of exposure to an infectious aerosol (eg management of a patient who coughs uncontrollably and is unable to use a mask). Cleaning staff cleaning a COVID-19 patient's room should wear a mask, protective apron gloves, and goggles or a face mask if there is a risk of splashing biological liquids or chemical cleaners.
  • If confirmed as a COVID case, it should be isolated according to current regulations (see Outpatient COVID-19 Confirmed Treatment) and treated as an out-of-hospital confirmed COVID-19 case or transported to an appropriate health facility, if needed hospitalization. If it is not confirmed as a case of COVID-19, it is treated at the hotel with the instructions of the examining doctor.
  • The patient travels or is transported by vehicle (with the indicated use of PPE) to the designated isolation area or the local Health Unit, after first notifying this Unit by telephone.
  • If there is a patient's attendant who wishes to stay close to caring for him / her (e.g., wife), the attendant should be given a simple surgical mask and advised to wash his or her hands each time he or she comes in contact with patient secretions (eg saliva) and definitely before the attendant touches his face or eats or drinks.
  • The contact details of the patient's relative should always be recorded in case consensus is required for medical procedures if the patient is unable to communicate.
  • Used protective equipment (simple disposable surgical mask, gloves) should be disposed of in a bin and never used again.
  • After disposing of protective equipment, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water. It is emphasized that the use of gloves does not replace hand washing, which is a very important means of prevention.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the room and other common areas according to the instructions of EODY:


Accommodation Archive and Event Book

For the purposes of public health protection actions, the management of the accommodation must keep a record of staff members and all persons staying at the hotel - name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail) - to enable close contact with any COVID-19 case, which may be identified in retrospect.

Paying attention to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) as well as informing all visitors that a record is kept for reasons of public health protection.



When requested, it is possible to:

  • informing visitors about the accommodation policy and the measures taken to deal with any incidents.
  • providing useful information for health care providers, public and private hospitals, COVID-19 reference hospitals and pharmacies in the area and providing Personal Protective Equipment if requested by the client.

Keeping a file of customers with personal data (address, phone, email) for reasons of public health protection and possible need for tracking.

Check out until 11 a.m. and check in from 15.00 p.m.

Suitable floor marking of 2 meters in the reception for keeping the distances.

The keys are disinfected after each use.

POS terminals are disinfected after each use.

Regular cleaning of the reception surfaces.

A complete medical kit in case of an incident, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, laser thermometer is available at the reception.

The possibility of using contactless transactions is strengthened.

Plexiglass divider at the reception.


Guest rooms

Enhanced cleaning and disinfection programs for cleaning the rooms with special emphasis on the points of frequent contact.

Use of a special device (nebulizer) for disinfection of surfaces.

The cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners is done based on the relevant Circulars.

Removal of decorative objects from the rooms.

Daily cleaning remains a hotel policy. However, there is an option to reduce the frequency at the request of the customer.

Linen is changed every 3 days depending on the type of room.

Non-occupants are not allowed to enter the rooms.


Cleaning - disinfection protocols

The hotel has selected approved disinfectant preparations with virulent and bactericidal action suitable for SARS-CoV-2.



Proper arrangement of tables in the restaurant and bar for keeping distance.

Staff take the necessary hand hygiene measures, keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from customers, colleagues or others and use the protective equipment correctly.

Disinfection of table seats after each use.

Orders can be placed through the hotel's online application.

Six (6) people are defined as the maximum number of people sitting at a table, with no limit in the case of a family with minor children.


Natural ventilation of the premises and avoidance of overcrowding

Cleaning with detergents or disinfectants, regularly and definitely when changing shifts of infrastructure and workplace surfaces, common areas such as toilets, work equipment as well as tools, appliances and objects used.


Training of hotel staff


Training of all staff in compliance with the new COVID-19 Health Protocols.

Attendance of the training program entitled: Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) - Prevention and prevention measures in Tourist Accommodations, Tourist Offices, Tourist Bus Guides, Guides, Conference Tourism, Catering organized by the Training Center of the University, the Medical School of the University of Crete and the Region of Crete.

Staff are able to identify COVID-19 symptoms and report them to the action plan coordinator in case of a suspected COVID-19 case.

The staff takes the necessary hygiene measures, keeps distances of at least 1.5 meters from customers.

Rapid test or self-diagnostic tests (self-test) COVID-19 is mandatory for all staff of the accommodation, at least once a week, according to current legislation. The obligation to perform a rapid test or self-test COVID-19 also applies to those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or who have contracted COVID-19 infection.


Personal Hygiene Measures and Personal Protective Equipment

The staff is equipped with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (masks, face shield, gloves, safety net, etc.), in accordance with the specific instructions / directions of EODY, the National Committee for Public Health Protection and decisions of competent bodies.

Hand antiseptics are available for guests and staff in all public areas.

Information on Personal Hygiene Measures and Personal Protection Measures and encouraging staff and customers to comply with good personal and respiratory hygiene practices (washing - cleaning hands, covering the nose and mouth during coughing or wheezing, etc.)

Suitable facilities such as antiseptic solutions (in the form of liquid, gel) at all entrances / exits and in the common areas of the accommodation.


Transportation services

Tourist transport service in accordance with the current legal framework.

It is mandatory to use a non-medical protection mask, both by the customers and the driver.

Driver provides antiseptic solution to the customers.

The driver ensures the natural ventilation of the vehicle and ensures the adequacy of the quantities of antiseptics, disinfectants, protective equipment and cleaning items inside the vehicle.

Meticulous and complete disinfection after each transfer.

Protecting the health and safety of both visitors and employees is paramount to Archontiko Manias. Strictly observing all the health and safety protocols, for the protection against the coronavirus, we are waiting for you for a safe and pleasant stay in our hotel.