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Fotenas’ delicacy

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Fotenas’ delicacy

Main Course
Fotenas’ delicacy
A pouch stuffed with lamb in a sauce of beaten egg yolks and lemon juice, with artichokes
and “askolibrous” (delicious Cretan greens)

“Krissa” (Cretan) Traditional
Salad with cherry tomatoes, “xilagouro” (Cretan cucumber), spring onion, “pichtogalo”
(Cretan creamy cheese), “kritharokouloura” (“Dakos” - Cretan rusk)
and a vinaigrette made of olive oil, oregano and Manidiano (special) vinegar.

“Kali Orexi” (Bon Appetité)
Bread, rusk bites, breadsticks, creamy mousse made of feta, olives and sundried tomato.
The Shepherd’s Flute
“Kalitsounia” (mini pies) with fresh “mizithra” (Cretan soft cheese) and spearmint,
served with a selection of sauces: fig and thyme / sour cherry and cinnamon /
wild berries, cranberries and “arbaroriza” (pelargonium herb).

“Resperi’s boys”
Assorted legumes, cooked with tomato, spring onion and chive sauce,
aromatised with “mavrodafni” (sweet red wine).

White sec

Cheese cake
Seasonal Fruit Assortment
Digestive Drink of the House