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The Hunter’s Meraki

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The Hunter’s “Meraki”

Main Course
The Hunter’s “Meraki”
Hare with onions, “stamnagkathi” (delicious Cretan greens), tomato paste
and assorted mushrooms, roasted in a pot in the oven.

Minoan “Drosopotada”
Salad in a gondola containing “lola” (curly lettuce), rocket, spring onion, spinach, roasted
mushrooms, chicken rolls wrapped in bacon and stuffed with “kefalotyri” (salted cheese).
Caramelised dressing with oil and lemon in concentrated pomegranate juice.

“Kali Orexi” (Bon Appetité)
Bread, rusk bites, breadsticks, creamy mousse made of feta, olives and sundried tomato.
The Lamb of Vorino
Lamb noisettes marinated in estragon and ginger, covered with local yogurt cream.
gratinated in the oven.

The Shepherd’s Delight
Graviera cheese cooked and battered in beer, served with spoon sweet topping.

Red with intense tannins

Orange Pie
in Florentine nest with ice cream
Seasonal Fruit Assortment
Digestive Drink of the House