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The Stew of the Archontiko

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The Stew of the “Archontiko”

Main Course
The Stew of the “Archontiko”
Baby pork stew with baby onions and abundance of aromatic herbs,
served with village style, thick - cut potatoes.

“Oaxia” Land
Salad in almond Florentine nest containing “stamnagkathi” (delicious Cretan greens),
spinach, cherry tomatoes, “apaki” (smoked pork meat), sundried fig
and thick - grated graviera cheese. Thyme honey dressing.

“Kali Orexi” (Bon Appetité)
Bread, rusk bites, breadsticks, creamy mousse made of feta, olives and sundried tomato.
Eggplant rolls stuffed with assorted cheese and wild greens,
served with saffron (from Kozani) sauce.

Wrapped homemade ravioli, stuffed with meat and cheese assortment,
with intense taste of fresh oregano.

Red with intense tannins

Baklava bites
in Florentine nest with ice cream
Seasonal Fruit Assortment
Digestive Drink of the House