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In Manias Mansion, as proper hosts, we introduce the new members of our family, meaning our guests, to our co-villagers, who are genuine and ordinary people, still tied to the land and its tradition, so as to get in touch with the customs of Cretan country life.

Come and experience with us a traditional Cretan wedding, the fairs, the serenades, the festivities and the banquets.

Celebrate with us “Iakinthia”, the important fair dedicated to the local Saint Agios Athanasios on August 21st, the Shepherd-Cheese festival, the event on the Psiloritis walk, the sheep shearing and the “rakokazanemata” (the making of raki).

Come and join us in the rural, farming, handicraft and artisan activities in the area. Take part in vine harvesting, grape pressing, olive picking, milking animals, making cheese, kneading and baking bread and “dakos” (Cretan rusk), cooking, broiling “antikristo” meat, olive pressing, the art of weaving on a loom, the woodcarving workshop and in stone creations. 

Taste our pure and healthy local produce such as meat, oil, wine, rusks, raisins, raki, honey, spoon sweets, olives, vegetables, fruit, milk and our cheese selection.

Get to know the scents and pick your own aromatic plants and herbs such as oregano, sage, pennyroyal, thrympa, chamomile, thyme, basil, marjoram, laurel, myrtle, fir and many more blossoming in the region.

The most adventurous of you have the opportunity of ski mountaineering on the natural slopes of Psiloritis Mountain, hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the area, mountain biking and other winter sports, while sea lovers can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters of Bali and Panormo.