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The Iakinthos Guesthouse

The Iakinthos Guesthouse of Manias Mansion is an additional proof of how we Cretans perceive hospitality, offering to all our guests a comfortable stay, combined with the rich historic tradition of Crete, in complete harmony with a unique natural environment.

The Guesthouse consists of ten (10) elegant residences, studios or two bedroom flats, fully equipped with all modern amenities, surrounded by trees and a blossoming garden, extended on various levels, highlighting the variety of the landscape.    

Each residence has been decorated with care, promoting a personal style, and it bears a special name, inspired by the ancient times such as Etearchos, Apollodotos, Arkesilas, Akakallida, Fronimi, Aghiali, Astarte, Callisto, Kirini and Anthelia.

Choose the residence that suits you most, taking into account its orientation as well:

  • Let your eyes wander to the West till the old harbour of Rethymnon, enjoying the fascinating scenery bathed in the colours of a breathtaking sunset.
  • Follow the paths at the South, above the Guesthouse, at an altitude of 650m covering an area of 4 acres, where one can combine mountain climbing, walking, relaxation, enjoying nature, the birdsongs, the herbs’ aromas, as well as the unique companionship of our domestic animals. 
  • Enjoy the endless view towards the North, gazing at the nature’s green palette as well as the wild beauty of Liti gorge, the Geropotamos river and the Tallea Mountains.
The Guesthouse remains at your service all year round, offering you a rare natural coolness in the summertime, thanks to its location, and warmth during the winter. Each residence is autonomous in terms of heating and cooling, thanks to its independent heat pump. Some residences have their own fireplace. Additionally, Manias Mansion is supported by a central heating system based on biomass.