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Meaning of the names of the Guesthouse, the restaurant-café and the residencies

Iperoon: A building with endless view. In the New Testament it is described as the house where the Last Supper as well as the Sacrament of the Eucharist (Holy Communion) took place

Iakinthos: Handsome, young attendant of God Apollo

Etearchos: King of the ancient Cretan city of Oaxos (Axos) (7th century BC)

Apollodotos: Musician of Oaxos (Axos)

Arkesilas: Statue maker of Oaxos (Axos)

Akakallida: Spouse of God Apollo, daughter of Minos, the King of Crete, mother of Oaxos, the founder of the homonymous city (1st version of the story)

Aghiali: Nymph, mother of Oaxos (2nd version of the story)

Anthelia: First spouse of Etearchos, the King of Oaxos (Axos), daughter of Kirvas, the King of Ierapitna

Kallisto: Second spouse of Etearchos, the King of Oaxos (Axos), daughter of Likaonas, the first King of Arcadia  

Fronimi: Daughter of Etearchos and Anthelia, the King and Queen of Oaxos (Axos)

Astarte: Venus – Astarte (the full name), Goddess of Love, worshiped in Oaxos (Axos)

Kirini: Aunt of Fronimi, the daughter of Etearchos, the King of Oaxos (Axos)